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Beeswax is the cleanest burning wax, releasing negative ions that bind toxins and purify the air. Made with organic hemp wicks. The back of these candles read "Bee the Light"

Available Unscented or Organic Lavender and Eucalyptus. We never use artificial fragrance, and these candles produce a light and subtle aroma, perfect for dinner light or relaxing. 

• Beeswax burns super clean and releases negative ions
• Beeswax purifies air by binding positively charged toxins in the air
• Wipe your counters after a good beeswax burn session to dispose of neutralized particles
• Did you Know? Paraffin candles contain toluene (Aka: jet fuel) - a byproduct of petroleum refinement (Stings, right?)
4 oz Glass Jars - About 15 hour burn time.

Organic Beeswax Candle

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