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EASY & EFFORTLESS STYLING: Kitsch No-Snag Elastics have a thick easy-glide coating so they remove from the hair with ease. They are perfect for ponies and braids of any length! 
EASY GLIDE, NO SNAG COATING: These tiny hair elastics feature a thick, easy glide coating so they can be easily removed from hair without painful snagging. The Coating prevents tangling even in thin and fine hair. 
IDEAL FOR SALON OR IN HOME USE. A favorite for professional stylists, these tiny rubber bands for hair are crafted using durable thermoplastic polyurethane for long-term use. These baby hair elastics are reusable so they can be used over and over again before wearing out! 
AMPLE SUPPLY: These baby elastic hair ties comes in 100 pcs per pack, and you can choose up to 5 packs which are enough to cater everyone and everyday. They come in different colors to match your style - clear, black or brown. 
PERFECT FOR KIDS. This hair ties rubber bands are great for use on little girls' hair, or for perfectly discreetly styled up-dos and braids. 

No-snag Elastics

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