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YOUR HAIR BRUSH ESSENTIAL: This hairbrush cleaner tool removes tangled knots, the smallest of hairs and product buildup around the base and bristles to keep your hairbrushes tidy and clean. 
YOUR ALL-IN-ONE TOOL: To effectively clean, this hair brush cleaner solution boasts a dual-edge design. The bristles quickly brush up hairs and scrub hard-to-reach debris, while the metal comb picks through densely packed boar, nylon or metal bristles on hairbrushes. 
MADE WITH HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: To provide long-lasting strength and reliable use for years on end, the Kitsch Consciously Created Hairbrush Cleaner is expertly crafted with a durable recycled body and stainless steel blade. 
CONVENIENT & EASY TO USE: A must-have for hairbrush maintenance, this hair brush cleaning tool is easy to use. Just hold the bristles at an angle to quickly brush up trapped hairs and debris, and use the comb to pick out fine hairs for a complete clean. 
EASILY CLEAN YOUR BRUSHES: Extend the life of your hairbrushes by constantly removing hair and product debris. This comb cleaner tool is is comfortable to handle with a curved handle and finger grip to make cleaning an easy task.

Hair Brush Cleaner

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