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EFFORTLESS HAIR TIE REMOVAL: With Kitsch's Hair Rubber Band Cutter Tool, you can gently remove hair bands and hair elastics, leaving your hair and scalp feeling comfortable and unburdened. No more tugging, pulling, or discomfort with our hair band cutter—just smooth and easy braids and band removal. 
SAVE YOUR HAIR FROM DAMAGE: This specialized elastic hair band cutter is designed for cutting hair rubber bands & small hair elastics. Our elastic hair tie cutter for kids hair tools & hair accessories for girls will save your hair from damage caused by excessive pulling when undoing snug ponytails. 
CONVENIENT & EASY TO USE: Insert the hook or the tip of the hair tie remover tool into the loop of clear hair elastics or hair ties for women. Pull the tool up away from the hair to cut the rubber bands for hair, and slide the rubber band remover for hair to free the clear elastic hair ties. 
ELEVATE YOUR HAIRSTYLE WITH CONFIDENCE: Fearlessly style complex hairdos, as this rubberband cutter for hair offers gentle removal even in the trickiest situations. Enjoy creating intricate braids with as many small elastic hair ties without worry with our rubber band hair tie cutter for kids. 
CARES FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: Kitsch's Hair Rubber Band Remover Tool for Hair is crafted from green materials, making it the ideal choice for your hair and the planet. This hair band cutter tool is one of the must-have hair tools for kids, women, girls, and toddlers that is kind to the environment. 

Elastic hair tie Cutters

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